A solo exhibition by Marcus Neustetter

13 October – 12 November 2016


Marcus Neustetter is an artist who travels, who explores, who is relentlessly in the act of collecting, re-mapping and making.

Occupy is ethereal evidence of an artists’ investigation in to the storerooms and archives of some of the world’s largest museum collections. From the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, from Johannesburg to Hong Kong to Vienna the artist is on a quest. In conversation with the collections custodians and curators Neustetter switches off the lights and arms himself with a torch and camera. The results are shadow landscape videos that have stimulated and given rise to a light and shadow installation as well as a large body of brush drawings and paintings.

To Neustetter, Occupy is as much a critical consideration in to historical and continued claiming of culture as it is a personal exploration of the unknown. As an artist he is known for his devoted depictions of in-between spaces.  His thinking has often been inspired by the work of archaeologists and astronomers and has led to a quest to represent the vertical gaze. This search has resulted in a large and poetic trajectory of work in an extensive range of media. It is this ongoing conversation in Neustetter’s work that has pulled him in to the museum space.

PDF CATALOGUE (10MB) occpy-marcus-neustetter-low-res2


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