Photographic artworks exhibited on Backlight 1-4




Big Bang III
Edition of 10
Innova Fibre paper

cave01 cave02 cave03

Cave I-III
inkjet print on archival paper
Edition 10

Sweep by Marcus Neustetter 01 photo by Aatish Ramkaran Sweep by Marcus Neustetter 4 Sweep by Marcus Neustetter 05 photo by Aatish Ramkaran

Sweep I – III
Marcus Neustetter and Aatish Ramkaran
inkjet print on archival paper
Edition 10


calling lights 1 calling lights 2 calling lights 3



Calling Light I-III – BANFF


Chasing Lights - Installation performance,  lazer, water and northern light sound recordings Neustetter  2

Chasing Light
sounds of the Aurora Borealis / Northern lights, speaker, amplifier, water, tray, laser 

Chasing Light is an intervention based on Neustetter’s excursion to Norway where he attempted to see the Northern Lights. Due to bad weather Neustetter was unable to fulfill his goal, leaving Norway with an experience lost. However, with the assistance of his travel partner James Webb, Neustetter was able to gather some relevant documentation from his search in the form of sound recordings, a series of photographs and drawings that depict his journey and search. From this foundation Neustetter attempts to re-visit his journey by extracting visual data from sound documentation through the manipulation of sound, water, laser-light, and drawing.