Soundlines presented at My Joburg, La Maison Rouge, Paris

soundlines LMR


After drawing the city skyline of Johannesburg as sheet music, sound artists and musicians were invited to interpret and respond to these images. Recording sessions for improvisation and collaboration were held in Johannesburg’s Sound and Motion Studios with Joao Orecchia, Murray Turpin, Daniel Stompie Selebi, Ziza Mhlongo and Zubz interpreting and collaborating on 31 March 2008. The resulting sound-scapes are presented by Marcus Neustetter in an unabridged (20m15s) and a shorter (2m52s) version. The sound-scape has been complimented with various installations and an editioned glass artwork produced in the proportions of the glass that separated Neustetter from the sound responses in the recording studio.

Sound-scape audio – 2m52s (2.6MB)
soundlines short

Please see low-resolution PDF for more information:
soundlines overview