On the 12 October 2014 visitors experienced the Rocket Factory through the production SPACE JOURNEY by Marcus Neustetter and POPArt Productions, supported by Propertuity.
A building, speculated to have once been a place where rocket parts were manufactured, carries its legacy in the artwork by Marcus Neustetter. This artwork has been proposed in conjunction with the coming transformation of the building. The facade artwork, a Google Earth trace of the area (a satellite’s perspective sent to space by rockets), a rocket sculpture on the roof and an integrated design language throughout the building, marries artistic expression, reference to the mysteries and myths surrounding this building and contemporary living. Art, design and functional living are fused into a visionary new development – The Rocket Factory, 275 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg.

SPACE JOURNEY 12 10 2014:

“Rocket Factory visitor, you are committing to full suspension of disbelief as you join us on a journey to an alternative space. As travelers, you will discover a new world and alternative mode of being existing on the other side of your ascent toward the light.

The Rocket Factory, once speculated to have been a manufacturing space for rocket parts, now acts as a vessel for travel to a new and aspirant world. A series of sensory experiences have been created through high and low tech devices to transport you to this world & ignite your imagination: this journey is yours to create.

We have provided some armor for you on this journey. Please assign yourself a code upon entry and use the suits provided. Shortly after entering the building, you will be met by experienced explorers who will guide this journey into the Rocket Factory, beginning with the ascent. This is not a destination focused journey, and you will end up right at the very beginning…”

Video and images documentation by Bheki Dube.